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About us

Always looking for inspiration... 

...fortunately, our muse is Nature, and there is nothing more inspiring than Her.

About ourselves we can honestly say that we are servants of the earth. We have always been, and that is all we have ever wanted to be. As businesswomen, even from the old business model that was not conceived under the ideals of the Common Good, we have been governed by the principle that we have always called The Highest Good, for which our work prevails. Doing everything possible so that people can connect with the plants they need, and at the same time, doing everything possible so that these Plants, that we are lucky enough to temporarily guard, whether in cans, in paper or silk bags, or planted in a pot or a forest, can find their destiny and finally give their lives fulfilling their mission in the home of a human being who loves them and values them  in all their dimension;  as food, as remedy, as company, as a sign of love and appreciation to others. With a little practice in the Art of listening to people, and finding a home for teas and
herbal teas, we become sommeliers and tea specialists.
Learning to facilitate the personal searches of tea lovers has grown a new branch on the tree of our personal lives. A song that we heard from afar and although it was never part 
of a "business objective"; nor was it intentionally created as a “differentiating factor"; it always marked our daily work: Generating memorable moments at tea time in hotels, restaurants, and in the homes of our clients, through INFINITEA FINE TEAS in Colombia for over 18 years.  That sincere search became our way of serving and our way of living. This permanent search for everyday moments to be filled with meaning and beauty cannot be better explained by any ceremony, other than the Tea Ceremony, which is the Art of living hospitality beautifully.  

Knowledgeable of the simple

and sophisticated of the world of tea

Social Responsibility

We help farming families and producers from vulnerable communities so that they can support themselves with the fruit of their work and live with dignity.

USDA organic program.

Our products are KOSHER certified


Our products are KOSHER certified

We dedicate at least 1% of our income to ensuring a healthier planet.

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All materials used in our processes and packaging are biodegradable

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All materials used in our processes and packaging are biodegradable


We convert the 10% of your purchase into an act of love towards Pollinators

logoeconomia del bien común

INFINITEA FINE TEAS AND INFINITE CONSCIENCE - We are pioneers in Latin America in developing a triple impact company model, through the philosophy and guidelines of the ECONOMY OF THE COMMON GOOD - ECO GOOD - CANVAS within the framework of values: Human Dignity,  Solidarity and Social Justice, Environmental sustainability,  Transparency and Participation

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To Find your favorite Teas in Chicago, including Nort West Indiana, 

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