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Sommelier´s Tea Colections

For moments in solitude or sharing the revealing experience of drinking tea,  our collections include a manual created by our sommelier, with a warm introduction,  descriptions, tips and evocative suggestions for each of the blends included; such as appropriate temperatures and infusion times, nature of the aromas, the spirit of the tea, and other information that allows us to walk the true path of tea with the help of an expert.


Teas  to Smile Collection

The Teas to Smile collection is specifically created  to turn any moment into a moment of gratefulness and happiness; to smile when you cup and hold your tea while pampering your senses and your spirit.

Caribbean -  Special blend of Green and Black Tea

1 oz Black tea with cinnamon and spices

1 oz Bangkok - Green tea with Thai flavors

1 oz Black tea with Chocolate and mint

1 oz Raspberry Herbal

1 Perfect tea cup spoon

Tasting notes from The Sommelier

1 Gift box

Price: $ 57 


The Sommelier´s Collection

of Guarda Teas

The Sommelier's collection of Guarda Teas is designed for those who are ready to go from the pleasure of drinking tea to the appreciation  of savoring tea, and for those with more experienced palates. A Guarda Tea is a kind of tea that has been selected and preserved by sommeliers for its  uniqueness and quality. 

1 oz Dragon Pearl  Jasmine with Green and White Tea

1 oz Pu-Erh  Tea

1 Premium Japanese  Sencha Green Tea

1 White Christmas – White tea 

1 Matcha Iri Genmaicha Green Tea

1 Perfect tea cup spoon

1 Tasting notes from the sommelier

1 Gift box

Price: $58

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Antioxidant Collection

For an always Young spirit

The Antioxidant Collection has been created for ensuring an always young spirit. It contains precious jewels of nature that are at our disposal,  to provide us with the immense sense  of well-being that sometimes we need to recover.

1 oz Caffeine free Goji Berry

1 oz White tea with Vanilla and grapefruit

1 oz Jasmine Green Tea

1 oz Oolong Tea with pomegranate

1 Perfect tea cup spoon

1 Wooden  box

Tasting notes from the sommelier


Price: $ 60         Price in Gift Box  $ 50


Detox Collection

Inner Beauty Routine

The Detox Collection is a true gift for the soul and body. It restores the internal alchemy of longevity and health that nurtures  your  interior and  manifests itself on the exterior

1 oz Matcha Green Tea

1 oz Winter Earl Grey  -White Tea

1 oz Oolong tea with pomegranate

1 oz Organic Rooibos Chai

1 Perfect Tea cup spoon

1 Notes from the sommelier 

1 Wooden  box

Price:  $70           Price in Gift Box $ 60

Social Responsibility

We help farming families and producers from vulnerable communities so that they can support themselves with the fruit of their work and live with dignity.

USDA organic program.

Our products are KOSHER certified


Our products are KOSHER certified

We dedicate at least 1% of our income to ensuring a healthier planet.

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All materials used in our processes and packaging are biodegradable

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All materials used in our processes and packaging are biodegradable


We convert the 10% of your purchase into an act of love towards Pollinators

logoeconomia del bien común

INFINITEA FINE TEAS AND INFINITE CONSCIENCE - We are pioneers in Latin America in developing a triple impact company model, through the philosophy and guidelines of the ECONOMY OF THE COMMON GOOD - ECO GOOD - CANVAS within the framework of values: Human Dignity,  Solidarity and Social Justice, Environmental sustainability,  Transparency and Participation

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